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Meal Delivery

Join MOWCC to deliver extra meals, safety checks, emergency supplies, and nutrition for local, homebound seniors!

Join our Community-Wide Meal Delivery!

UPCOMING: April 30th


MOWCC clients' nutrition and health take priority for the organization. Due to rising food costs, we have decided to partner with local volunteers to deliver an additional 3,000 meals to local, homebound seniors! We are calling on our community to join us and sign up to volunteer with our team to ensure that our senior neighbors continue to receive the nutrition and companionship they deserve.

We need YOU to join us on April 30th from 9 am-11 am at the Meals on Wheels office! It will take a community effort of about 100 volunteers to be able to deliver extra meals to seniors. During National Volunteer Month, we urge you to join our volunteer team!


Never volunteered with MOWCC before, but interested? Sign-up is easy and training is available online! If you have not already, complete our volunteer application now to join our volunteer team and join us Saturday, April 30th! Already a dedicated volunteer? Sign up by clicking the box below, and bring your friends and family.


Join our team this month to help seniors directly and raise awareness about Meals on Wheels Collin County!