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Client Referral Form

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Hello seniors/disabled adults! 

We are still in open enrollment, so if you or somebody you know needs assistance with meals and to see some friendly faces, apply now. Here are some updates from the agency to ensure your health and safety:


  • As senior centers re-open in Collin County, our congregate seniors will have an opportunity to receive a grab-and-go or home-delivered meal.

  • No contact meal deliveries are required for the protection of our homebound seniors.

  • Increased sanitizing throughout our building and meal transportation fleet.

  • We are continuing to accept Senior Safety Net requests as well as requests for hygiene products.

  • Well-checks will continue by phone and through meal deliveries.

If you have any questions/concerns, please reach out to by email or call (972) 562–6996.

Please complete this form to refer a potential client to the Meals On Wheels Collin County food services program. Referrals for home-delivered meal service are screened by phone via a caseworker who will then complete a home visit to determine eligibility. 

*Eligibility requirements:

Congregate Nutrition Services
Individuals aged 60 or older and their spouses of any age may participate in the congregate nutrition program. The following groups may also receive meals: persons under age 60 with disabilities who reside in housing facilities occupied primarily by the elderly where congregate meals are served; persons with disabilities who reside at home with and accompany, older persons to meals; and volunteers who provide services during the meal hours.
Home-Delivered Nutrition Services
Individuals aged 60 or older, primarily homebound, minimal to no driving, and non-working clients and their spouses of any age may participate in the home-delivered nutrition program.

Services may be available to individuals who are under age 60 with disabilities if they reside at home with the homebound older individual

*Please allow 48-72 business hours for a social worker to be in contact to complete an assessment. An assessment must be completed to determine qualifications for meals. Our office is open Monday-Friday from 7:30 am-4 pm CST (excluding holidays). Once all documentation has been processed, services will commence within 1 business day of approval.

NOTE: If you are referring a client, please fill out your contact information in the boxes below. 

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