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The Collin County Committee on Aging was established in October 1976 through the appointment of Judge Nathan White. The committee's primary objective was to create dedicated centers across Collin County where older adults could benefit from nourishing meals and engaging recreational programs. This endeavor aligned perfectly with the committee's mission to enhance the well-being and quality of life of senior citizens in our community. 

Thanks to the invaluable support of local seed money, additional funding was secured from a federal agency, enabling the program to take flight. One year later, the fruits of our labor materialized as the program proudly launched centers in McKinney, Farmersville, Plano, and Anna. These centers became beacons of care and support for older adults, offering a warm and inviting environment where they could gather, socialize, and partake in a wholesome noon meal five days a week. Additionally, the centers provided stimulating recreational activities for four hours each day, fostering mental and physical well-being among the participants.

Our inaugural day saw an inspiring response from the community, with 100 meals served to appreciative individuals. This resounding success was a testament to our county's pressing need for such services. Motivated by our positive impact, the Collin County Committee on Aging continued to expand its reach and improve its services over the years and eventually evolved into Meals on Wheels Collin County, a 501(c) 3 organization.

Meals on Wheels Collin County has become an integral part of our community, delivering vital sustenance and companionship to those in need. With unwavering dedication and a passionate team of volunteers, the organization now serves an impressive average of 1,000 meals per day. This achievement stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment of Meals on Wheels Collin County to its mission, ensuring that older adults in our community receive the nourishment and care they need and deserve.

We are grateful for the profound impact Meals on Wheels Collin County made on the lives of countless senior citizens. Through our tireless efforts, Meals on Wheels Collin County has not only addressed the nutritional needs of aging and disabled people but also provided a vital social lifeline, combating isolation and loneliness. The Collin County Committee on Aging's vision has blossomed into a thriving program that continues to touch the hearts and nourish the bodies of our older adult population, embodying the true spirit of compassion and service to others.



The primary goal of all programs is to prevent premature placement in long-term care facilities due to insufficient nutrition and other isolation-related issues. The following successes were reported on our most recent client survey:


· 95% of clients experienced a self-reported improvement in health as a result of proper nutrition.

· 66% of home-delivered meals clients experienced a reduction in emergency hospital visits.

· 94% of clients believe Meals on Wheels services help them continue to live better within their own homes.



600 N Tennessee St. 

McKinney, TX 75069


(972) 562-6996



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